Announcing the Next Generation Accellix Instrument and Consumable

Further Simplifying and Automating the QC Workflow in Cell Therapy Manufacturing

SAN JOSE, Calif. & JERUSALEM — Accellix, Inc. is launching its Next Generation Integrated Accellix Instrument and Consumables to further automate, simplify and improve reproducibility during the intricate process of QC for cell therapy manufacturing. Accellix entered the cell therapy market in 2017, automating the complete flow cytometry workflow, from sample preparation to analysis, which is considered the golden standard in QC.

The Next Generation Accellix System allows for the cell sample to be directly loaded onto the Accellix single-use microfluidic cartridge rather than first into a reagent tube, resulting in increased accuracy and precision and decreased overall time to analysis. Accellix has already placed several units at customer sites globally.

Mr. Nimrodi, Accellix Chairman and CEO commented, “Our Accellix System is now truly a fully automated Sample to Answer system. We have watched our customers successfully implement our system for the purpose of QC’ing their cell therapies. We always wanted to remove the last and only manual step from our process. The launch of our new system allows for exactly that. The enhanced simplicity will also contribute to an improved quality as the customer can now expect an even higher reproducibility of results.”

In addition to offering standardized assays such as T-Cell and Lymphocyte subset panels, Accellix collaborates with customers in the global pharma industry to develop custom assay kits tailored to their specific cell therapy needs. Customers will have the option of continuing to use the current assay kit format or the new kit format with the next generation instrument.

About Accellix

Accellix is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing and commercializing the Accellix platform to enable its customers in the field of cell and gene therapy to meet their critical QC requirements as they advance life changing therapies benefiting patients worldwide. Accellix empowers its customers by migrating their existing cell assays to the Accellix Platform. The Accellix platform is a benchtop cytometer operating and reading capillary cartridges integrated with dry reagents. It provides unmatched reproducibility and ease of use for automated multi-parametric cell analysis. For more information visit


Rey Mali