Accellix was founded on the basis of creating a rapid, easy-to-use, automated cell phenotyping platform for point of need environments, focusing on cell therapy. Accellix is bringing next-generation analytical capabilities to its customers, enabling the measurement of critical quality attributes at every QC phenotyping interrogation point throughout the manufacturing process and the release of cell therapy products—when and where required.

Currently, these assays are performed on standard flow cytometers in centralized labs which require skilled technicians, high maintenance, a separate lab space, and a long turnaround time. There is a growing need for simpler more automated technologies that can fit seamlessly into centralized and de-centralized point-of-need models.

Accellix aims to bring the power of flow cytometry to the GMP manufacturing floor, automating the entire GMP cell phenotyping process from sample preparation to data analysis with the Accellix Platform. Accellix brings automated sample preparation, flow cytometry and data analysis directly into the manufacturing suite.

The Accellix team is an interdisciplinary group composed of skilled biologists, engineers, mathematicians, technicians and more with deep experience in all aspects of cell therapy in general and the immunotherapy field. Accellix has growing offices in Jerusalem, Israel and San Jose, CA.