Instruments FAQ

  • What is handled during setup and maintenance?

    During installation, we perform standard QC runs and laser alignment.

  • What are the fluorescence excitation and emission wavelengths used in the instrument?

    Samples are excited with a 488 nm laser diode. Fluorescence emission signals ranging from 500-800 nm are detected in 11 different spatial locations along a silicon photomultiplier array. High sensitivity of the detector array along with efficient compensation of spectral spillover allows for the combination of up to 6 unique fluorescent markers per assay panel.

  • Does the instrument require regular maintenance by the operator?

    All fluidics are contained within the single-use microfluidic cartridge, so there is little to no maintenance required by the operator.

  • What are the instrument’s integration capabilities with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) products?

    The instrument software is compatible with electronic data security requirements (e.g. 21CFR Part 11), and can be configured to comply with customer’s organizational policies as well. The instrument can be connected to a LIMS interface, according to customer’s requirements.

  • What type of data interface ports are built-in in the instrument?

    The instrument can be connected to the customer’s LAN via ethernet cable and/or wifi. Results are automatically saved in a destination according to the customer’s request. Also, printouts can be automatically sent to a local or network printer. Sample ID can be input via instrument touchscreen, external keyboard, or standard barcode reader.

  • What type of calibration is required when setting up the instrument?

    Accellix personnel will confirm that the instrument is operating within specifications during installation. No calibration or user maintenance is required.

  • How much training is required by users in order to start operating the instrument?

    Most users can complete training in less than an hour.